Review: Caith Morningstar by Celia Kyle

I loved the first book in this series so much I gave it a bunch of purrs, a swish of my tail, and four paws up! It just didn’t last. I had to give it 2 Nasty Scratches for the Series. My human doesn’t like saying bad things about books. She’s obviously too sweet for this world, so I’ll replace her when she fails at her feeding duties once too often.

We adored reading the first book of this series so much. The heroine is fiesty, the angel’s an annoying pain in the ass, and the chemistry between these two is the type the tv warns you not to try at home.

But it ended on a low note, which made me hiss because it made my human sad.

Then book two ended on a low note and/or cliffhanger. (I’m not telling you which.)

Then book three did the same.

Book four? You guessed it. Worst one of the lot for how depressing the end is.

My human regrets reading beyond book one, but we did love it very much and will read book one again.

The rest of the series is a lie to us.

These four books ate up most of my human’s reading time, but she started rereading one of her stories to me the other day.

I can say this much for my human: she’s not a quitter. (Nor did she use a quitter strip to mark her place. She read each one to me in a single sitting over four days.)

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