Review: Demonic Contract by Catherine Banks

My human drooled on her magical glowy reading rectangle. Apparently, she likes Edan.

This story gets a purr from me because it’s ridiculously fun, although I poofed my tail a bit at the ridiculousness, too. If you’re looking for an amusing detour from the real world for a while and want a short, quick romp through non-human pre-mating rituals, this one’s for you.

My human informs me human pre-mating rituals has a name: dating.

I’m sticking with my way. It’s better.

This one’s a bit silly in a fun way, so go in wanting a little bit of ridiculousness and a drool-worthy male lead.

Really, human. Did you have to drool on the glowy rectangle? Even I understand those things are expensive. If you’re going to drool, at least drool on the box your magic typing box sits on. That won’t get broken.

My human would trip over her own feet and break her neck if I wasn’t around to keep her in line.

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