Review: Paranormal Dating Agency Volume 1 by Milly Taiden

I have to give this collection two paws up, a hiss, and a poofed tail.

The book wasn’t bad, but my human isn’t much into menage trois, and this set of stories did a very good job of reminding her why. This set doesn’t disguise its nature much, either.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably here for the smut. (And there’s nothing wrong with that…) But, if you’re like my human, you may be looking for a bit more substance to the smut, and this set just didn’t deliver for us.

It could be because it’s just a tired, worn sub-genre right now. There are so many ‘dating agency’ style mating ritual stories that most just don’t make the cut anymore.

This book now lives on smut mountain, but in the section my human avoids. That place is a little too scary for her.

The quest for good human (and not-quite-human) mating ritual stories continues.

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