My Human and the Quest for the Lost Diamond.

Math is hard for a kitty like me, but sometime over sixteen years ago, my male human gave my female human this beautiful ring and asked her to marry him. In July, they’ll have been married for sixteen years. (I think. Math is really hard. It could be fifteen? but I think it’s sixteen. My human (the female) isn’t sure, either. Because math is hard.) Of course, my female human being who she is, she may have double dog dared him to propose. That’s serious business, the double dog dare.

Yesterday, my female human was doing the things female humans do, and one of the tips of the pretty ring broke. The diamond is missing.

My humans are traumatized. My female wore the ring 24/7, with only short forays into not wearing for certain tasks (like having the ring cleaned and repaired.) It was cleaned and inspected a few weeks ago. the current theory is… the jeweler used subsonic cleaning tools and created a stress fatigue on the golden prong, which snapped. (You can see where the tip of one of the prongs is missing in the picture.)

The original diamond was a vvs1 .5 carat beauty. The male human selected it because it was extra sparkly, and my female human loves sparkly things.

So, my heartbroken female has been cleaning the house desperately seeking the lost diamond, although the current speculation is that it went down the drain while doing dishes. I do find her efforts amusing! She’ll even let me ride on her back like she’s a pony while she’s on her hands and knees scouring the floors for the pretty sparkly.

So, my human is on a quest for a new diamond. There’s some deep, hidden meaning in here, I’m certain–just because something’s broken doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed, and while it won’t be the original stone, it’s getting a refresher.

Here’s to sixteen more, my humans! Just… try not to lose the new stone, okay? Your wallet is already sobbing over the cost of replacing the pretty precious.

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Darleen says February 22, 2018

If it went down the drain there is a very good chance that it is in the bend of the pipe under the sink and can be retrieved by loosening the pipes (they often unscrew and can be turned 90 degrees) to look in it.

    The Sneaky Kitty Critic says February 22, 2018

    There isn’t in our apartment. We have a sinkerator, and it doesn’t have a trap as a result 🙁 (and yes, I checked the sinkerator. No diamond.)

Merrily Boone says February 25, 2018

The jeweler should replace the stone,since the cleaning was recent.

    The Sneaky Kitty Critic says February 25, 2018

    Yeaaaah, they won’t. (I’m not disagreeing with you, as I think they should, too… but they won’t. Bleh.)

    But my husband and I have come up with a plan. <3 We're going to get raw Montana sapphire material, go digging for treasure, and get one of the stones cut and have the ring repaired with that new stone.

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