We’re sorry, Humans Who Use Yahoo.

Today, our human had to make a painful decision. Due to Yahoo automatically filing spam reports on behalf of users, which in terms penalizes the human’s mail server, she had to make the decision to remove all yahoo accounts from her newsletter mailing list.

To make up for this, our human will be posting the newsletter to her facebook, to our website, and to everywhere we’re active so you can still see the newsletter despite it not appearing in your email box.

Seriously. We’re sorry. We really are. We didn’t want to have to make this choice. We made it because we had to. Our human doesn’t want to lose the ability to send emails to all other humans, and despite spending hours trying to find a solution around yahoo automarking and filing complaints about spam, nothing has worked.

As such, we’re doing a complete ban of yahoo addresses from the mailing list.

If you use facebook, please follow her page. She will post a copy of all newsletters there, complete with pictures.

Once again, we’re really sorry, and at this time, we can’t make any exceptions due to yahoo’s current mailing practices.

If you have a gmail account, you can set up an auto forward. That way, if yahoo assigns a spam report, it’s pinging gmail’s servers and not our human’s. And it will. Often.

P.S.: Our human is really mad at Yahoo right now for forcing her to do this, but automated spam requests have been on the rise from Yahoo, people have been complaining about emails not coming through, and it’s been flagging in as spam. There are not these problems with other providers.

~Tia the Majestic on behalf of the Furred & Finned Management.

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