An Update on Tia the Majestic

Hey, folks.

RJ here. (The Furred & Finned Management are currently staging a protest due to a visit to the veterinarian. The finned part of the management has decided to stand in solidarity.)

I thought you’d like to know what was up with Her Most Royal and Furry Majesty. As expected, she has kidney disease and a problem with her thyroid. She has yet another new medication. Since that wasn’t enough of an issue, she also has a syndrome with one of her eyes. All in all, she gets a lot of medicines a day to make her a happy kitty, albeit we’re beyond the ‘healthy’ stage of things.

To add to the fun, she has cognitive dysfunction. We all get old, and well, she’s old! We’ve had her a long time, and she’s been a most excellent cat.

As her dedicated humans, our job now is to make her as comfy as possible for as long as possible.

And, you know, set up the altar, dig out the wallet, burn the cash, inhale the sweet, sweet smell of burning money… in other news, holy cats vets have gotten expeeeeennsssiiiiveee.

But Tia and Princess had a lovely visit with their new vet, and they were very well behaved. Princess attempted to meld with my stomach to escape the mean, mean vet giving her her yearly vaccinations. Tia sang the angry song of her people, informing them she really wished to rip their flesh from their bones.

She raised her paw once, claws retracted, and tried to push the vet’s hand away from her face. No, thank you, she said.

The funny part about this?

The vet’s comment: “This is not typical cat behavior.”

Well, yeah. I’d noticed. The looks the tech and the vet gave me when I got them both out and set them on the table and they were just chilling during the way were just priceless.

So, we’ll see how this round of medication goes. In good news, she dodged the eye surgery, as the issue healed on its own.

It’s the small things.


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Lama: Jigme Gyatso says November 30, 2018

Oh RJ, I’m sorry kitty is in decline. She’s fortunate to have such a loyal pet human, such as yourself.

Susan E. Aceto says December 3, 2018

So glad to see that Her Majesty is doing better. We have been there with the “not so healthy but comfortable part”. Hope that continues for a good long time. Hugs to all and thank you for the update.

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