Dear Keyboard,

Please begin autocorrecting 2018 to 2019 in the appropriate places.

No matter what the Finned and Furred Management and their (lacking) keyboard skills say, we have not actually acquired a time machine (yet.) As such, Cheetahs Never Win didn’t actually release in the January we have already survived. It comes out in the January we soo must attempt to survive.

The human is being ejected into space as we speak for not having acquired us a time machine.

You didn’t really need her for anything, did you?

P.S.: Go buy Claustrophobic. (You can get it here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo)

…. humans can write from space, right?

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CJ says December 11, 2018

Please don’t space her, it is a very standard human error. My husband will cry if he doesn’t find out more about certain characters he has fallen in love with, or doesn’t have new ones to care about.

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