Thank you, humans.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Princess here.

I’m still getting used to my sister being gone. The humans aren’t sure how to human any more, but they’re managing. Mostly. I, using my most cunning tricks, convinced them I would be sad and lonely all by myself.

As a part of saying goodbye to you most excellent humans, my sister wanted me to share the last picture our humans took of her. She wants you to remember her as the loving deity she was.

This last picture captures what she did best: loving people (and me!)

My sister’s journey is over until we cross the rainbow bridge to join her on the other side, but the end of her journey became the beginning of another journey.

This beginning happened at the Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority.

The calico is named Zazzle, and she moved into our home today. The precious little black and white kitty was a strong contender, but… sometimes, the cat chooses the humans, and Zazzle refused to be deterred.

Don’t leave me, human!

Her refusals involved digging her claws into his shoes and his jeans and rubbing her head anywhere she could reach.

The male human didn’t stand a chance.

While that’s the technical start of Zazzle’s story, it’s not quite that simple, humans. It never is.

It actually began several hours earlier with a conversation and a tiny bit of (loving) bullying from the female human.

This morning, the male human didn’t want to get out of bed at all. The female didn’t, either, but I needed breakfast, and my sister wasn’t there to help the humans get out of bed.

They were sad. They’re still sad.

But the female human, despite appearances, is a smart human. She asked the male human if he still wanted to go on a quest to Gondor. (He said no.)

She persisted, and she said he didn’t have to bring home a new friend, but he needed to go meet new friends, and they needed to have fur.

He was a sad human, but the female nudged, pressed, and finally hissed until he agreed to go meet some new furry friends.

Then the female human picked up my carrier because they’d been looking at Gondor, a rather large long-haired kitty.

Their quest to go to Gondor didn’t go well. The male human, on way to the door, said, “There is no way we are getting a cat today. We are going to look. We are only going to look.” There was something about not wanting to drive toooo far, too, and then something about picking a shelter where the fate of the kitties wasn’t quite as secured as Gondor’s. (Gondor is a customer service manager at a cat cafe.)

Here’s the takeaway: The male human was absolutely adamant there would be no kitties going home with him today. (Go ahead. Start laughing. The shelter people laughed and laughed and laughed, too. Female human giggled. Even the male human cracked a grin.

One journey had ended, but another had begun.

The humans arrive at the shelter, and they ask to see kitties, and they explained my sister had passed away over night, and that they needed to at least see some kitties.

So, they went into the shelter and started to meet kitties.

The first cat the male human met was named Smokey, and Smokey rubbed against the male’s legs.

Male lasted all of twenty seconds before announcing he wanted to take Smokey home.

The female’s expression? Priceless, humans. Priceless. Or so she told me. I believe her. Because the male totally surrendered in twenty whole seconds. The female informed the male that he needed to meet more kitties, especially the little calico that had been pouncing and playing with her cage mates.

The male agreed.

We found out right after meeting Smokey that he bullied other kitties, and that made the male sad. I’m not very good at standing up for myself, so I wouldn’t do well with Smokey. Smokey couldn’t go home with the humans no matter how much the male liked him. (Which was a lot.)

The shelter people then said which kitties were kind to other kitties, and they were escorted to the room with four kitties, two of which aren’t feeling well right now. My humans then explained to the shelter people that I had a mild case of the sniffles, so it was ideal for us to welcome a potentially sick kitty into our home because I’m already a little under the weather and there’s little difference between nursing one kitty as there is nursing two.

This made the shelter people happy, because not many people want to adopt potentially sick kittens.

Please can go home with you, human? I good keekee?

Yes, keekee, you can has home with us!

The competition was fierce, and when this photo was taken, then male asked the female if he could take all three home. (Sorry, male human. City limit is two!)

Please admire my female’s shiny red shoe. Isn’t it cute? She wore her prettiest shoes trying to lure keekees to her.

It obviously didn’t work. All the keekees wanted the male human. (Obviously. They knew who needed the most love, and while the female has a very large cat-shaped hole in her soul, she was going to be okay. She has me! The male needed to be loved, too.)

Zazzle was the last of the kittens to come say hello, but she didn’t want him to leave and sulked when he went to the car. She didn’t realize, then, that he was on a quest to retrieve the carrier he absolutely swore would not be needed.

Yeah. That didn’t work out like the male was expecting at all.

Within half an hour or so, Zazzle was in the travel box and came home to meet me! I am very excited. I am very excited. The instant the female put the carrier down and opened it, I went inside and kissed my new sister’s home.

Then we realized something was strange and weird, and we both ran and hid under the bed together. I’m really not sure why the humans laughed so hard, but whatever. They’re laughing. That beats the leaking. (They reenacted Titanic in my living room, humans.)

The female human was trying to entertain Zazzle in the shelter while the male human was retrieving the carrier and beginning the adoption process!

Zazzle is now trying to come to terms with her entire life being turned upside down on her.

This is what betrayal looks like, humans.

Zazzle will be okay. She just needs some time to adjust. In the meantime, I really, really want to meet my new sister and play with her! My new sister isn’t sure what she thinks about this, but I promise we’ll have a good time.

But for the next few days, Zazzle will be hiding in the bathroom. The humans gave her many of Tia’s old toys and her bed, and I think my sister would be proud of them.

In the near future, Zazzle will be helping with the newsletter and other fun things we have in mind! I’m excited. I wonder what her title will be?

I’m staying the Understudy, because that’s what I do best. But the world is Zazzle’s to rule, and I’ll be the same old Princess, ready to help her reign over the humans wise enough to worship us.

We’ll do our best to entertain you.

We’re not kitten around here. (I’m lying. We totally are. This link goes to the book my human has on sale, which tells the story of a kitty who sank her claws into a mere human male’s soul, forever changing his life… it sounds familiar. Good luck, Zazzle. You’re going to need it. Our humans? They are stubborn.)

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tina brinson says December 16, 2018

I’m so sorry you lost Tia but so very happy that you got another fur baby to give your love too hugs

CJ says December 16, 2018

I’m so glad you made a place in your hearts for Zazzle, and hope you enjoy many happy years with her.

Andy Brokaw says December 16, 2018

I’m so sorry the world lost Tia, but I’m happy Zazzle found you. She sounds pretty great. 🙂

E_ says December 18, 2018

Very happy for your family after Tia’s departure.

Susan E Aceto says December 18, 2018

A very big Welcome to Zazzle. She is very pretty and has a very regal bearing. Princess is so sweet and I am sure they will get along famously. Congratulations and best wishes to you all. Merry Christmas and consider Zazzle your Christmas Miracle.

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