New Release: Witch & Wolf: The Complete Series (plus pics of the new kitten, Zazzle!)

The male human dropped something. Fascinating! (No, the kitties didn’t eat the cigarette.)

Greetings, humans!

Princess here. Zazzle still isn’t up for trying her hand at helping control the magical glowy box yet, so I’m in charge for a while longer. (She’s starting to come out from under the sleepy place on her own, although I’m really not sure what I think about her asking for attention from my human female.)

As for the human female, she’s had a hard time lately, but she’s doing better. She’s (somewhat) back to work today, but she’s taking baby steps. It’s hard to write things to make people laugh when she’s trying hard not to cry. So, she finally got around to compiling the complete series collection for the Witch & Wolf series.

This is for those who want to read the core of the Witch & Wolf series. It’s priced at $9.99. If you were to buy the books individually, it would cost $20.95.

It contains the following stories:

  • Inquisitor ($4.99)
  • Winter Wolf ($4.99)
  • Tales of the Winter Wolf, Vol. Six. ($0.99)
  • Blood Diamond ($4.99)
  • Silver Bullet ($4.99)

You can get your copy at Amazon and at Kobo. Other vendors will be coming soon, humans! (The human female has submitted them everywhere, but the holiday season is here, so it’s a little tough on getting new books published!)

I give kissies if you bring the red dot back, human?

I groomed her a little today. She looked like she needed a little bit of love. But only a little. She got too familiar with my human female, so she got a growl and hiss, too.

What? I can’t be nice all the time, and she was getting too familiar with my human female!

Training of the new Furred Manager has begun, but it’s not going quite well… mostly. Zazzle has a lot of training to do, but the human female managed to cajole her into helping with the business duties a little today.

I’m not sure about this. Can I leave now?

As Zazzle is in dire need of training on how to be a proper member of the Furred & Finned Management, I took a moment to show her how it was done.

We’re going to read the purple one tonight, human.

The next thing I will train Zazzle in is the art of Workus Interruptus. It’s a critical skill kittens must practice to perfection. Here is a picture of the first training session.

She can’t escape me now, humans!

Now that the female has been properly subdued and her work interrupted, it’s time for a nap.

Later, humans!

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Sandra Van Domelen says December 19, 2018

My calico cat, Itty Bitty, said it should be Zazzle the Magnificent! (According to my princess, calicos are all magnificent! She added that Princess is gorgeous! Grey cats happen to be awesome as well.)

Lama Jigme Gyatso says December 19, 2018

It’s ok to grieve, it’s ok to be sad. In the spirit of the Tao Te Ching: Whatever comes, let it come. Whatever stays, let it stay. Whatever goes, let it go. Sit back, and savor the ride. For your life is an adventure movie, and you’re the star.

Susan E Aceto says December 20, 2018

Princess will be able to train Miss Zazzle in short order! The pictures are showing that already. Congratulations on finding such a beauty.

Tera says December 20, 2018

Zazzle is a beauty. Princess you are an excellant trainer. You give your human lots of love.

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