Introducing Richard!

Landen passed away yesterday of old age. He was a good, old fishie, and he had a nice life! (He was possibly, at barest minimum, 3 and a half or so year olds, but he was probably closer to 5-6 when he passed away.) He lived for almost a year beyond when he had a stroke and we thought he’d die. (He never quite fully recovered to his old, flighty self, but he was comfortable and happy after the stroke.)

Nicolina didn’t handle being in her tank alone very well, so this morning, my husband and I made a trip to the pet store and selected Richard. Here he is!

He’s… very energetic. Nicolina is much happier now. (And while they’re not exactly social fish, beta splendens do prefer to have other fish nearby. But in divided tanks, so they can’t attack each other.)

You can see the divider between Nicolina and Richard’s sections of the tanks. It’s that black, slotted thing.

Richard’s color strain is called copper. (And boy, he sure is pretty.) when the light isn’t reflecting off him, he shows up as this dark silver. But when the light is on him properly, he’s red and green of copper, and it’s glorious.

Starting next week, now that life has settled down (somewhat,) the Furred & Finned Management will be back up to giving more updates on the blog. They have a lot to talk about, so make sure you’re following the blog if you want to get the latest updates and see the cats up to their usual shenanigans!

(As a reminder, the newsletter was retired and now the Furred & Finned Management writes blog posts instead, so this is the place to be for updates, *or* on facebook.)

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend, and we’re hoping to start doing small, frequent updates so we can keep more in touch with all of you!

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Lama Jigme Gyatso says April 1, 2019

what is the link to subscribe to the furred and finned management blog?

    The Sneaky Kitty Critic says April 3, 2019

    If you look at the right side bar, there is a box for an email address. That’s how you subscribe. (If you’re on mobile, click on any post and scroll to the bottom, and you’ll find it there!) The blog subscription is run through wordpress. <3

Susan E Aceto says April 1, 2019

And what a handsome fish!

    The Sneaky Kitty Critic says April 3, 2019

    Thank you!

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