Hypnos has released, plus a new Susan Copperfield preorder!

Greetings, humans!

We of the Blain household have been quiet. The female underwent an adjustment procedure, and some other humans dug into her face place and removed one of her chewy bits.

The human has been, generally, an unhappy critter. She must go see the other humans tonight to make sure her jaw isn’t about to file its pink slip and leave the union.

We’ll miss her should her jaw flee the union. From our research and general understanding of the situation, jaws are mandatory human bits.

The humans, being somewhat wise, have provided us with a tree of playing and worship. We have learned we can pounce their sleeping place from the upper levels, and they make delightful squees and grunts when we do so. I’m more likely to practice my ‘death from above’ skills compared to my sister.

I’m just fabulous that way.

Anyway, onto the books!

Hypnos has released today!

Following the devastation of World War III, nuclear radiation has spawned magic, ranging from nuisance koppa oni plaguing the Golden Gate to masters of the elements. It falls to the FBI’s supernatural quads and their supervisors to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

But when a mysterious force storms through a busy shopping center and fells everyone in its wake, Olivia Abrams and her team of special ops must find who is behind the attack and why before the entirety of San Francisco succumbs to its powers.

Hypnos is available from most major retailers.

For the Royal States fans, thanks to changes to the preorder system (that actually benefit authors, yippee!) Bonds by Susan Copperfield is now available for preorder.

In the Royal States of America, magic rules all, but life—and love—always finds a way.

When a sinking oil tanker threatens to destroy the picturesque coastline of France, search and rescue diver Jack Alders and his waveweaving talent stand between France and a record-breaking oil spill.

But what Jack finds on board the dying ship will forever change the course of the Royal States and puts him in the sights of a royal tyrant out for blood.

Bonds will release on July 16, 2019.

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kommiesmom says April 23, 2019

Thank you to the management for the update. One worries if the interwebs are silent for long periods of time.
Welcome Richard. May you be long in your new position.
I am glad to know that your human appears to be repairable and hope that it has not been too bad for her.
Many thanks also for the book updates. Hypnos has already arrived in the inbox and has jumped the queue to “next”. A new royal states book is always good news and has been preordered.
Greetings to the management from Prince Bahzell and Lady Alvina, who pointed out that paws of the size they walk on (Maine Coon) don’t mix well with laptops. (They are obviously just avoiding the work!) And why don’t they have a cat tree like that one?
Hope you and your humans stay in good health.

Helen says April 23, 2019

Hypnos arrived in my phone e-reader got read and was as awesome as all the other books under different names. Looking forward to the next. Also wish I could gift all authors with machines for time travel so I could get books faster. That should not be taken as a complaint though since it’s my own darn fault for reading too fast. Anyway… I hope all of you gets and stay in good health since not being in good health truly sucks.

Stephanie says April 23, 2019

Got it first thing this morning. Sweet

C E Cooke says April 23, 2019

Be careful human my person had one of her chewie things taken away from her and had some I don’t feel good elixir also called chicken and stars which got stuck where her chewie things used to be and my human was very unhappy. Stay away from chicken and stars

Barbara Murphy says April 23, 2019

Bonds is pre-ordered! YAY!!💞🎉
AND HYPNOS came in…another YAY🎉💥💞

Loredena Frisealach says April 27, 2019

Just finished Hypnos and now I really want the next in the Zodiac! Is this intended to be an annual release or more like a quarterly one?

    The Sneaky Kitty Critic says April 27, 2019

    I’m hoping to do two releases a year at a minimum of the Zodiacs series; unlike a lot of other projects I’m working on, I give a month or two after finishing one before working on the next on the side. (I’ve already started Achlys, but I’m not sure how long it will take to finish.) I want to produce them at a decent pace, but I also want to work on other things so fans of other series/pen names don’t feel neglected. 🙂

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