There’s not enough coffee on this sweet Earth for this morning, humans…

Life has its ups and downs, but yesterday, the female’s fish, Nicolina, crossed the rainbow bridge. Nicolina’s always been runty with some health problems, but she’d always been a huge fighter in a tiny body. But, yesterday, she was finally too tired and decided it was time to go take a very long nap.

The female is sad, as she raised Nicolina from a teeny tiny little fry.

Before y’all get too sad, she was the equivalent of a fish rescue, and she would have inevitably died elsewhere. The female believes Nicolina should have been culled from hatching due to probable health concerns. But, since Nicolina wanted to fight, the human said, “Let her fight!”

Yes, that’s a Godzilla reference. Oh yes, she is very excited to see Godzilla at the end of month.

Anyway, Nicolina was almost a year old, which was a year longer than she would have had otherwise.

So, since her baby fishie died yesterday, the female let the ads continue to run overnight because she, frankly, just didn’t want to deal with it.

(Do you hear that sound? It is the sound of money being flushed down the drain. This is what happens when you allow ads to just run willy nilly.)

That said, leaving the ads up overnight did a wonderful thing: she went to bed at rank #35 after it had done a brief detour to rank #33. She’s so stoked about this. Hoofin’ It had reached #35, and she hadn’t thought she might actually beat that!

She sold 2,168 books on Amazon yesterday, and 220 books at Barnes & Noble.

At last check, she was #10 on the Barnes & Noble best seller list. (Yep. She’s sniffling in her corner. I’m mostly sure they’re happy tears. Don’t mind the other ones. She did quite like her baby fish.)

Including the BookBub Featured Deal and all expenses associated with that, the female is now at $1.39 per sale, which is absolutely thrilling for her! She’s so very excited and grateful.

All of you have been amazing.

So far, she has sold 3,283 books at reporting vendors. (There are minimums required to be reported to USA Today, and she is uncertain if two vendors will report, so she’s not including their figures.)

This has so exceeded her expectations. Thank you, humans!

So, she has to do a lot of work on Burn, Baby, Burn today while watching and modifying ads, so we’re going to take a quick moment to shine some light on the process of tuning ads.

Step 1: Turn off the ads that are doing poorly.

Step 2: Find the ads that are doing well. Duplicate them. Reassign remaining budget to these ads. Adjust ad copy and images to be something new fresh–mostly a new image, but sometimes new snippets or headlines to make people pause to read the new text.

Step 3: Test the new ads.

Step 4: Return to Step 1.

This sounds very basic, and frankly, it is! But this is the name of the game. My human will also increase budget on ads that are doing particularly well to take advantage of its performance. (She obviously did something right there.)

Once she has more done on Burn, Baby, Burn, she’ll help me write a post about how to actually adjust the ads and showcase an ad she’s turning off and didn’t work and what she replaced it with.

Have a great day, humans!

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Rick Agresta says May 1, 2019

Woot! Woot! and happy dancing, too, aifinkso! Congrats, hope it keeps up.

Cynthia Emery says May 1, 2019

Loved hoofing it! Were alpacas for a knitter are crashing funny!!

HAZEL MCSWEENEY says May 2, 2019

Congrats 🙂 That’s wonderful news for you. The sale not Nicolina. Sorry that you lost her. That’s the main drawback about having a pet of any kind… but good timea outweigh the bad.

    The Sneaky Kitty Critic says May 2, 2019

    That they do! <3

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