All done! HOORAY!

Dear humans,

Normality can resume! Hooray! The human is very happy about this, as she hasn’t written hardly a thing in the past week. She’s itching to get back to what she likes doing the most: writing!

The stats from the vendors are in, and it looks like all of them should be reporting, which is thrilling! So exciting!

Her spend was scary, as on Saturday evening, the male human scolded the female for not spending more of her budget. So, she did this thing and spent more of her budget.

Total spent, rounded up for sake of sanity: $16,500. (Approximately $2.24 per US sale.)

Total USA Today qualifying sales: 7,374.

Total sales: 8,238.

Note: as the investments / tallies this week were for USA Today qualifying sales, that’s what the female used for giveaway purposes. (We love our international readers, but the goal was to try her bestest to hit this list with a book (or in this case, books) from the series.

As of this point, unless vendors don’t report, which we have seen happen, she has a very solid chance of listing!

She’s over the moon with excitement.

But first, there’s a few people the female would like to thank.

On the business side of things: my editor(s) and proofreaders: these books couldn’t happen without you.

To Melissa Storm: Thank you for spending the time to teach me your method of how to run blitz sales campaigns! I know we use different methods now, but your tutoring and help with one of my failed runs was hugely helpful! I learned a great deal from you, which made a big difference in being able to refine my personal method.

To those people I kept bugging in chat this week: thank you for your patience. (Cat, Erin, the poor editor lady… I’m looking at you.)

Finally, to the readers out there: thank you.

Without you, this had 0% chance of happening. Thank you for giving my books a shot. Thank you for sharing with your friends. Thank you for reading.

RJ here, as the felines have decided it is nap time. (Nap time happens after ‘get humans out of bed time.’) Let’s just say my kidneys have been thoroughly tenderized by rambunctious calico this morning.

While I am really hoping the set hits the list on Wednesday, I’m super happy with how well this worked out.

I’d been hoping to barely squeak by with 5,000 US sales. 7,374 far, far surpassed my expectations–and I didn’t spend the entirety of my budget.

Alas, according to the husband, I must spend more of my budget, but I will do that the week Burn, Baby, Burn releases. With some extra help from Melissa, I’m going to attempt to master the elusive bookbub ads. (The paid variety, not the featured deal variety.)

I’m not convinced my husband hasn’t been replaced by an alien, but the alien is a cool alien.

But all in all, this week surpassed my expectations in so many ways.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I hope the posts the cats have made on my behalf have been useful to you. Authors (and readers…) If you follow my personal profile on facebook, I occasionally do ‘Ask me Anything’ segments. This is the best place to find out more about how I function as a writer or ask general questions.

It’s also where to go for some daily doses of insanity.

Now, it’s back to the grind. Time to get back in the saddle and figure out how to do the writing thing since I’ve spent a full week monitoring and fussing with ads. (And stressing.)

Oh, as promised, this is the worst performing ad at $4.25 a click. (I spent $4.25 on that single click before turning off the ad.)

Ironically, I later duplicated that ad, and it became one of my top performers. I changed the header to “Final 24 hours of sale! $27.93 in books for $0.99.”

In future, I definitely need to make sure I do a final 24 hours of sale ad set, because they worked so much better than I anticipated.

Here’s the ad.

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Cathy brown says May 6, 2019

I’m so glad your happy with the results..I’ve been following along with your posts and the whole ad thing is headache inducing 😱😰but you figured it out and made it work..yay for you..were so happy your happy..and of books😜🤗💜💚

mary says May 9, 2019

I’m looking forward to your audio books. Thank you for going forward with the Royal States audios.

Leiah Cooper says June 16, 2019

Just read ‘Karma’ again. Any idea on when the stoty will continue?

    The Sneaky Kitty Critic says June 17, 2019

    No idea. It’s been rewritten like 4 times now, so it’ll get done when it gets done. Once I figure out the trick to the plot snarl, it’ll appear. One day. Eventually. :twitch:

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