Happy Book Birthday, Burn, Baby, Burn!

Dear humans,

It’s out! It’s finally out! Bailey & Quinn’s adventures continue in Burn, Baby, Burn: a Magical Romantic Comedy (with a body count.)

Grab your copy now! You know you want it. It has shenanigans and napalm.

You know you want it.

Be a star! A purple star, like the one on this little ad! Be a sttaaarr! Also, read today.

When the book does well, I get extra treats! This is evidenced by the four huge tubs of temptations the human ordered this week! They arrived yesterday.

We have to finish our current tub, but she got us four flavors! We’re loved! We’re loved!

She also got me new balls! But she isn’t letting me have them yet. Apparently, it’s her birthday on Thursday and not mine, so I have to wait to receive my new balls until my birthday, which is in mid June. But I saw them! I’m getting ten new balls for my birthday!

And, to help convince you that you really want to get this book, here is a new snippet for your enjoyment!

The universe hated me. A light dusting of snow ensured the roads would be hell by the time we escaped New York. I barely eased Quinn’s convertible to a halt before Perkette slid into the vehicle, wrinkling her nose. Since she knew I wouldn’t even think about putting the vehicle into gear until she buckled up, she grabbed her seatbelt and clipped it into place.

“This officially sucks,” she announced.

“Good thing we’re headed to Vegas, then. Does Vegas ever get cold?” I hoped not. I already shivered, and I had the heat in the convertible blasting.

“Hell if I know. Think you can handle some snow as a unicorn?”

“Will it kill me? No. Will I kill you for making me? Very probably. Someone better be dying before I deal with snow as a unicorn.”

The Furred & Finned Management hopes you enjoyed the little teaser! For those who have already gotten Burn, Baby, Burn, thank you! You rock and are made of awesome.

As the female likes to say, Happy Reading, folks!

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Cynthia Emery says May 14, 2019

So.nice to see this show up in my kindle this morning! One of the worst weekends I have had in a long time. Really helped to have a little escape come to my door. Thanks so very much.

    The Sneaky Kitty Critic says May 14, 2019

    Oh no! We of the Furred & Finned Management hopes your week turns around!

Jenifer Shepard says May 14, 2019

yay! I love, love, love the “body count” books! I have everyone one of them.
thank you

Melissa says May 14, 2019

After a loooooong day of meaningless team building, it was a wonderful relief to come home to this book on my Kindle. As soon as dinner is finished, I’m settling down for the night with it. 🙂

Cynthia Emery says May 14, 2019

Then reread the first one then burn baby again, then the entire series. Lovely to have spare time reading all lined up!!

Susan says May 14, 2019

Just got my pre order and will start it asap as I loved the first one with Bailey!

Pence says May 15, 2019

What a lovely read. I kept hearing the voice of the audio book reader when reading Bailey’s and Quin’s dialogue.
I loved the Michelangelo ceiling!

    The Sneaky Kitty Critic says May 16, 2019

    The Burn, Baby, Burn audio will have a different voice actress because the original lady isn’t available until like nest year, but her voice is also really nice, so hopefully you’ll like her, too! <3

      Pence says May 16, 2019

      I hope that she can do the accent as well.
      Also I love the way there are tiny references to elements in the other books in this universe. Now I’m wondering about Bailey and Quin volunteering at animal shelters and whether they will encounter a certain Chamelion shifter ….

        The Sneaky Kitty Critic says May 17, 2019

        I wouldn’t hold breath for the accent; the voice actress for the first book also happened to be from the NY area originally, so she was able to do the accent well. I’m not sure where the new actress is from, but she came highly recommended, so hopefully it’ll turn out well. <3

        I'd really hoped to get Courtney for book two, but it just wasn't in the cards, alas.

Elaine says May 15, 2019

Aauugghhhh!!! I don’t WANT to wait until 2021 to have more Bailey & Quinn! Bailey is outrageous and Quinn… Well my imagination works overtime in picturing him. Just finished the book and it was glorious.

Jules says May 15, 2019

Yaaay. I’m saving it until the weekend so I can read it in one go. Otherwise I stay up late reading it and be useless at work the next day.

Nancy Harrison says May 18, 2019


    The Sneaky Kitty Critic says May 18, 2019

    Dear human,

    The female might be tempted to murder Quinn and Bailey if she doesn’t get out of their heads for at least a year before working on their next story.

    She loves them… in small doses.

Orvan Taurus says May 20, 2019

I’ve only just started reading the very first book (ox slow…) but already suspect am hooked. A fire-y unicorn on a (gov’t agency approved,, this once) napalm bender?! Wow.

Loredena Frisealach says May 22, 2019

So they both have (different) Egyptian Divines in their ancestry, and Satan’s daughter is apparently the manifestation of Egypt itself (how does that work exactly). Sounds like Egypt’s pantheons are making a power play 😉 I loved this, but I have to admit it makes me want a follow up to Whatever for Hire even more! I want to know who her father is and more about being a sphinx. As opposed to The Sphinx.

    The Sneaky Kitty Critic says May 23, 2019

    A Chip on her Shoulder will tell the story of how Satin and his lady get together, and it will have more on Kanika’s father.

    As for personifications, every culture has a personification in the world. Some are never discovered, but they’re basically a blend of many things in that culture’s history and mythos. So while Kanika isn’t the strongest at any one thing, she is touched by all aspects of Egypt. (I’m toying with whether or not I’ll do another book with a personification as the lead. They take a lot of research to piece together.)

    But Kanika’s father is Russian, which I feel I need to remind people of because of reasons. LOL

    The real difference between The Sphinx and a sphinx is pure power; The Sphinx is basically the goddess over all sphinxes. So everything Kanika can do that’s related to her being a sphinx, The Sphinx can do so! much! better!

      Pence says May 24, 2019

      Nice to look forward to this. I’ve been wondering about Mrs Satin!
      Now I’m fantasizing about Kanika and family being invited to a summer Quin family picnic – complete with Anubis and The Sphinx in attendance!

      Orvan Taurus says June 14, 2019

      I have the feeling that if the US(of)A has a Personification, it will bear a striking resemblance to Bugs Bunny or maybe Droopy. A long fuse, but if anyone is stupid enough to light it…

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