Due to an unknown water maintenance issue in building, the Finned Management passed away.

Dear humans,

The female is breathing fire while also sad. Fish are delicate creatures, and when living in an apartment complex, stuff sometimes happens. This week, the stuff was some chemical or contaminant in the apartment’s water system.

Safe enough for humans, lethal for fish. All of her fish passed away within several days of each other following their last water change. (It was not illness; she immediately started medicinal treatments at the first symptom, which did mimic an actual fish illness. But then the psychological symptoms kicked in, which made it clear it was likely a toxicological reason for their sickness.)

Until she can figure out a solution to the changes in the water supply, which are still toxic for fishies, she will be adding a plant to the team, and we will, moving forward, become the Furred & Frond Management.

We expect the plant to be a mouthy little asshole, although we’e hopeful it won’t rise up from its pot to kill us all.

As someone asked this on facebook, I’d like to take a moment to address how fish, human-potable water, and toxicology works.

What’s safe for humans to drink is often not safe for fish. For example, fish require minerals and nutrients in the water we don’t necessarily require as we can get it from other sources. (This is also why fish in low-water areas may develop a major buildup of mercury! They absorb a lot from the water.)

Chlorine, in particular, is something humans tolerant post treatment but fish absolutely cannot. (Fish keepers have special chemicals we use to keep their water chlorine and heavy metal clean! And yes, they were receiving this at every water change.)

To human eyes, nose, and tongue, there had been no changes to the water.

But something was in the water, something the treatments to clean their water for them didn’t address.

In the fish world, this is also known as a “Well, shit!”

(The female been raising fish since she was old enough to walk, and “Well, shit!” moments have littered her entire life. I’m sad, because these were pets the female was responsible for, but it wasn’t her fault. She changed nothing, and the treatments and conditioners can only do so much. This is life, and life blows sometimes.)

The female is trying to decide what sort of plant she wishes to terrorize now, but she’s considering getting an LED plant light and a bonsai.

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Rene says May 30, 2019

If she wants to chance a fish again, I suggest using distilled water. The bonsai is a good choice – don’t drown with water and they grow slow. I would put in a window. and not bother with grow light. Research the care of Bonsai.

    The Sneaky Kitty Critic says May 30, 2019

    I’ve had a bonsai before. My desk is insufficient for natural lighting for a bonsai, so I would ned a grow light. The plant must live in a nook in my desk because of space reasons.

Harriet says May 30, 2019

You do not fool me, naughty kitty. My previous feline partner destroyed many a plant.

    The Sneaky Kitty Critic says May 30, 2019

    For once in my furry life, I am truly innocent. The Frond Management would be kept in a place where I cannot sits because I do not fits.

Letha Gray says May 30, 2019

Oh, Honey, I am so, so sorry! (Hugs)

Karen says May 30, 2019

Good luck to the frond… It would stand less of a chance in my care than the Finned managed… Although I look forward to whatever diabolical concepts may come from the next relation of “Audrey II” 🤣

lady d says May 30, 2019

i am so terribly sorry to hear about your family’s unexpected devastation. to lose a treasured pet is bad enough, but to contamination, and have a number of losses sustained all in one tank.
“breathing fire” sounds infinitely more gentle than they deserve. (silently wishing i could on your behalf unleash a godzilla-ish reign of terror upon the weasels of tokyo/water&gas&utilities.) siiiiigh.
a magestic bonsai supervising the human and furry household sounds like a delightful future plan.

Julian White says May 30, 2019

I’m sorry to hear of the loss – but can empathise. We have several tanks of assorted fish which my beloved usually maintains – but he’s let me have my own small tank and once upon a time bought me a betta. Cameron (the fish) was happy on the dining room table for a while but I’m probably responsible for his demise – not reading the signs early enough. I also mnaged to do something (Only once!) to the other tank resulting in massive mortality – but I’ve got better!

We have bottles and cans of tapwater resting to allow chlorine to percolate out into the air, which seems to work well, just need to remember which are the oldest resting cans! (And the used water, when the tanks are being changed, goes to water the plants – saving a small fortune in plant food; good for the garden, too – so aiding our water bill and offering some small conservation of water…

Susan E Aceto says May 30, 2019

So sorry to hear the finned management is no more. RIP! Good luck with the plant.

Bonnie Raymond says May 30, 2019

I hope you contacted your local water authority to have them check a sample of the water.

    The Sneaky Kitty Critic says June 8, 2019

    The local water peeps check all the time. It’s just a matter of fish biology. What’s safe for us is NOT safe for fish. (Water you get out of a bottle isn’t good or safe for fish, for example. But it’s perfectly clean for us! Bottled water lacks things fishies need.) On the other side… what is perfectly safe for a fishie can kill us.

HAZEL MCSWEENEY says May 30, 2019

Oh I’m so sorry… for you and the rest of the family. Its hard enough to lose a pet but when its circumstances like these I think its even worse. Fingers crossed the fronds are nice and hardy and resistant to everything dodgy 🙂

Susan says May 31, 2019

This really sucks! I know how hard the human female has worked to keep the Finned Management alive snd happy. I’m so sorry this happened.

Blanche says June 1, 2019

SO sorry for the loss of your fishes!😢

Melissa says June 7, 2019

Aloe plants are useful and easy to grow, but you’d need to make sure the Furred Management team does not chew on the leaves. Maybe bribe them with treats?

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