For Writers

Greetings, humans who enjoy writing. This page is your hub for anything my human wishes to share with you about writing. Since I don’t do the writing, all I’m going to do is provide this handy-dandy list of articles she’s written for y’all to enjoy. These are her opinions, thoughts, and methods, and there is absolutely no obligation to do as she does. She’s simply sharing in case you want to make use of her techniques. If you see something you like on this page, feel free to adopt the method. My human also doesn’t mind if you share the posts with others, just give her a shout out, please. (It makes her happy.)

If you would like to be potentially featured in my newsletter or have a review of your book posted to my newsletter, you need to go to my human’s personal facebook page and consent to being featured. my human makes no promises you will be picked, but if you’re not on the list, there’s no chance at all. Thanks for your understanding.

There’s a lot of clutter here, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at what is coming soon.

Right now, there’s nothing here, but expect the first posts to come rolling in starting in March 2018.