An Apology from the Sneaky Kitty Critic: $100 Gift Card (Amazon, iTunes, B&N, or Kobo)

$100 Value

1 Winner

Note: thanks to contributions from other humans, the gift card is now valued at $140.

Dear humans,

My human is sorry. Something happened that shouldn’t have happened under any circumstances. My human considers herself very ethical. When she joins a promotion to meet new readers, she vets the groups she’s in to make sure the prizes are delivered as promised. Even when she screws up and a prize costs her more than she anticipated, she keeps her word.

A promotion she joined has gone wrong in the worst way. While the prize was awarded, it was done so in a way that cheated readers.

My human is not okay with this.

When my human joins a promotion and shares the prize with you, her fans and readers, she is putting trust in the coordinators to deliver the prize as promised. All of her other promotions have gone through without an issue. This time, this is not the case.

My human feels her readers and fans–you–have been cheated, and while she could sweep this under the rug and no one would be the wiser for it, that doesn’t settle well with her.

She can’t erase what has been done, she can’t change the unethical management of this promotion, but she can offer a $100 $140 gift card to make up for those who were cheated out of their fair chance to win a prize.

We’re sorry.

While this giveaway is set to collect email addresses, unless you’re a subscriber to my main mailing list, you will only be emailed once about the winner of the prize, after which your email will be deleted.

Thank you for your understanding. To read more about this situation, please read this post.

The prize for this award will be issued from the US versions of Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, or B&N.

This gift card has been paid for by RJ Blain and other authors of the failed promotion.

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