Privacy Policy

The Sneaky Kitty Critic and her humans use wordpress, which has cookies that are added to your computer that do magic stuff cats don’t really understand. As the cats operating this website wouldn’t know what to do with a cookie if one fell from the sky, and the humans aren’t much better, any data that these cookies might gather fall into the ether. You may delete all cookies from your browser at any time.

They aren’t tasty cookies.

The Sneaky Kitty Critic and her humans value your privacy, so as such, your information will remain private and you will only be contacted if you are a subscriber to one of her lists. Any data gathered will be used to fulfill your request to hear more about the Sneaky Kitty Critic and for no other purpose. If you’d like to subscribe to her mailing list, please feel free to download a copy of this newsletter subscriber exclusive collection of short stories. By accepting to download this collection of stories, you are agreeing to subscribe to her newsletter and authorize us use data necessary to send you missives. As such, it means you’re authorizing us to use the information you’ve given us to mail you. Also, when you unsubscribe from her list, that’s it, that’s all. Your information will be deleted and you won’t be added back unless you request to be subscribed again in the future.

Have a nice day.